About Ana Docoito-Nelson

Drawing on a background in customer service and administrative management, Ana Docoito-Nelson currently serves as a property manager for New Rochelle-based Gramatan Management, Inc. In charge of daily operations for a building staffed by 17 employees, she handles numerous responsibilities, including bookkeeping, staff scheduling, revenue forecasts, and oversight of structural improvements. In instances when residents fall behind on rent, Ana Docoito-Nelson serves late payment notices and initiates legal proceedings if tenants remain delinquent.

Before joining Gramatan, Ana Docoito-Nelson worked for three years at Preston Wynne Spa as a spa body technician and concierge. Licensed in massage therapy, she helped clients improve their health and wellness by applying techniques ranging from Swedish massage to endermologie treatments. As concierge, she directed patrons on tours of the facility and maintained records and disseminated company correspondence. In recognition of her contributions to the spa, she received Preston Wynne’s Team Player Award in 2007.

A lover of travel and spending time in the outdoors, Ms. Docoito-Nelson has visited Nepal to trek across the Annapurna Sanctuary and hiked and camped in several locations across California, including Sinkyone Wilderness State Park and Fern Canyon. She has also journeyed to West Africa, India, and Asia, and she visited many European countries while living in Berlin, Germany.


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